Foam Seating

    Foam 2 Go Cushion Re-filling Service

    Have your cushion covers professionally re-filled and returned to you within 7 days!

    We can turn this......into this, within 7 days!

    Why choose Foam 2 Go?

    We have been professionally re-filling cushion covers for over 40 years. Our trained team, take pride in their work and will re-fill them with high quality Seating foam. Our cushions come complete with stockinet undercovers for ease of fitting.

    What do I do next?

    Simply send us an email on - we would then ask you to remove the covers, seal them in the protective bag and send them to us recordered delivery Once we've received your covers, we will contact you with a price.

    You then just need to say yes! and we will do the rest. 7 days later we will despatch your perfectly re-filled cushions ready for you to just pop on your sofa or chairs.

    Or alternatively you can call our Sales team on 0330 0080802 to discuss your requirements